TWIN PEAKS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cherry Pie and a Good “Cup of Joe” at the Double R Diner


On our first day we headed over to the Double R Diner for cherry pie and a “good cup of Joe”. As we walked into the Diner the reality of being there was surreal.  Here I was, not on a set, but in the actual diner they used in the pilot episode and suddenly I got the shivers – I had crossed over to the other side. We picked out a booth about halfway back to the left, a booth that was favored by Agent Cooper, and proceeded to order our surreal meal.

While my son and wife enjoyed the experience, I was in David Lynch Heaven!  I was totally preoccupied as all I could do was soak up the ambiance and imagine myself as one of the residents of this weird and wonderful town.
I sat back, relaxed with my steaming hot “cup of Joe” and pretended that this was my morning constitutional as it was for Agent Cooper.

Several booths away a couple of what I could only surmise as Japanese TP fans were questioning and filming the owner with a hand-held camera.  Outside a logging truck rumbled by just as in the series – I was beaming, inside and out.
And this was only the start; after breakfast our waitress, obviously seeing our TP interest,  suggested we to go down the street to the Alpine Blossom and Gift Shop as they had a map of all of the filmed location spots from the series  Once inside we saw they had a lot of Twin Peaks merchandise for sale so we stocked-up on T-shirts, postcards, coffee cups and other cool items.

Once back in our Jeep, we were all set and continued on our Real Twin Peaks Adventure!


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